November 28, 2021 6:13 am
    ut customizing font and icons in Android 1

    Android 12 will remove one of the best customization features

    Personalization in Android is one of the aspects best valued by users in Spain with phones that use the operating system. Android 12 will be officially released this fall on devices, but it promises to be a step back in terms of customization options for users.

    In the betas that have been released so far of Android 12, we have seen how Google has introduced Material You in it, its new design.

     The introduction of it could mean the dismissal of one of the most important customization functions in the system: being able to customize the font and icons.

    Without customizing font and icons in Android 12

    As they have from 9to5Google, in Android 12 the ability to customize the font and icons and accent color customizations is eliminated. 

    At first, it was thought that this was a consequence of having updated to the third beta of the operating system, recently released, but it is not an error.

    In addition, Google itself confirms that it is not an error, but that this is the desired result. The firm argues that Material You is a more modern, intelligent, and dynamic feature, with which they will replace these customization functions present in Android 10 and 11.

    Material You in Android 12 allows you to change the theme colors based on your wallpaper, thus introducing more colors in various areas of the operating system, giving users more control. But not being able to customize the font or the icons is something that many users do not like.

    Therefore, the update to Android 12 will mean saying goodbye to the possibility of customizing the font and icons due to the arrival of Material You. It remains to be seen if this new design and options that Google introduces can make you forget these options.

    We tested the customization of Android 12: the system offers you to adapt the theme to the colors of your desktop background

    With the first steps of Android 12 in the market, first with the previous versions for developers and later with the betas, a change in system design finally arrived. A very interesting design change that had not occurred on Android since the arrival of Material Design in 2014. ‘Material You’ve arrived and with the new style appeared smart customization.

    The new ‘Material You’ve promised from the first moment to allow us to adapt the system themes to our desktop background, extracting its main colors from it to homogenize the appearance of our entire Android 12 phone.

    But the first steps of ‘Material You ‘were incomplete and now, with Android 12 Beta 3, intelligent customization of the operating system is finally unleashed.

    Android 12 sees your background and offers you colors that match

    Once you install beta number three of Android 12, you can see that some very interesting changes are introduced at a functional level, such as the pre-activation of the game mode that will be activated at the end of the year or as the extended captures

    But on an aesthetic level, the most striking thing is that the system is already capable of detecting the main colors of your desktop background to offer you themes according to it.

    All you have to do is go to the section on choosing wallpaper and themes, either from the system settings or from the desktop itself, to see that something has changed. 

    Android 12 Beta 3 now detects the colors of your desktop background and offers you different variants to customize the main theme of the system.

    We have, for example, simple colors, solid colors extracted from the background, so that we can apply them and that the quick adjustments, menus, and other highlights now have that hue. 

    We can see it with our current background and how Android 12 Beta 3 offers us purples, greens, and blues, colors automatically detected in the background that we have on the desktop.

    But Android 12 Beta 3 also offers patterns that combine the main color and different additions so that the customization is more varied but also fits the desktop background.

     This is undoubtedly the most striking design of the third beta of Android 12 and everything indicates that it will evolve until the theme is finally released. A pity that this customization style will get buried by the different layers of customization of the manufacturers. Unless, of course, they also adopt it.

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