November 28, 2021 1:20 am
    Josep Maria Argimon Will Reinforce Mental And Primary Health Care

    Josep Maria Argimon Will Reinforce Mental And Primary Health Care

    The Catalan ‘Minister’ of Health announces within 4 years a total of 52 intervention teams, with social educators and psychologists, to deal with crises at the home of young people

    The ‘Minister’ of Health, Josep Maria Argimon, will reinforce the attention to mental health because it is an “unavoidable” need and will give more resources to Primary Care, to which he wants to allocate 25% of the budget and where this will already be incorporated. autumn 150 psychologists.

    Argimon has appeared this Thursday for the first time since his appointment in the Health Commission of the Parliament to explain his program for the “recovery and transformation” of a public system that has responded to the covid pandemic, although at the same time they have been accentuated its shortcomings.

    The ‘minister’ has stressed that reinforcing mental health is an “inescapable” need due to the increases in disorders after the pandemic, especially in minors.

    According to Argimon, among the population aged 4 to 14 the risk of disorders has gone from 8% to 10.6% , with more differences between the most disadvantaged families (rises to 13%) and the least (6%), which puts revealed social inequalities, he indicated.

    Increase in eating disorders

    In addition, in the Child and Youth Mental Health Centers (CSMIJ), eating disorders have increased by 21% in the last year, he specified.

    The ‘minister’, who has requested the “complicity” of the groups to achieve budgets for next year, has indicated that his will is to allocate 80 million to the mental health network. And it has announced that a total of 52 intervention teams (with social educators and psychologists) will be deployed within 4 years to deal with crises at the home of young people, periodically, in cases of self-harm, conduct disorders or addictions.

    Argimon has indicated that the first six teams will come into operation in 2021 and four in 2022, while highlighting that suicide prevention actions will be reinforced.

    25% of the budget for Primary Care

    In Primary Care, stressed by the covid, it has endorsed allocating 25% of the budget , with various improvements, including the incorporation of professionals of different profiles, such as physiotherapists, nutritionists or psychologists .

    He has detailed that this fall, 1 50 professionals, mainly psychologists, will join the Primary to attend to mental and social health problems but from a “non-medicalized” perspective.

    Argon has stressed that presence in the Primary will gradually recover, but the situation before the pandemic will not be reached, since he considers that telemedicine quotas must be maintained, which he believes that some age segments (young people) will thank.

    Home care for the elderly

    Another of the “pillars” of this legislature, said the ‘minister’, will be to double the basic areas with social and health services for home care for the elderly, to reduce the risk of entering a residence.

    As for the personnel, he has ensured that the renewal of the public sector workers’ agreement, which has expired since 2010, will be addressed, which will be an opportunity to “introduce elements” and “reduce precariousness and temporary employment.”

    Argon has also expressed the will to recover staff who went abroad years ago, especially nursing staff. And it has promised to include the gender perspective in all areas and guarantee abortion, pharmacological and surgical, in all parts of the Catalan territory. 

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