October 21, 2021 6:15 am

    Medical collapse at Morón hospital forces specialists to be sent from Havana

    A medical team from the Naval Hospital in Havana arrived in the city of Morón, Ciego de Ávila, to reinforce assistance at the Roberto Rodríguez hospital, which collapsed this week due to the influx of patients with and suspected of being infected with the coronavirus.

    An orderly from the Morón hospital denounced the collapse of the institution this week, with a direct on Facebook, where he showed patients, including the elderly and children, sleeping on chairs, benches, and foam mattresses on the floor.

    Although the Cuban government has not officially recognized the serious health situation in the Avilanian town, it decided to send a group of professionals from the “Luis Díaz Soto” Military Hospital, located in eastern Havana and known as Naval.

    Dr. Eduardo Artiles Pardo, deputy director of the Provincial Center for Hygiene, Epidemiology, and Microbiology, confirmed to the Invasor newspaper the arrival of a team of experts from the Cuban capital health facility.

    The reinforcement group works on the organization of flows within the Morón hospital, in the process of detection, isolation and diagnosis of patients with COVID-19, in the effectiveness of the epidemiological survey and the control of outbreaks.

    The local press revealed that the laboratories do not have the capacity to process PCR tests in real-time and it was decided to send 500 samples to the Pedro Kourí Institute of Tropical Medicine (IPK), in Havana, to avoid delays in diagnoses.

    The laboratories will prioritize the diagnoses of the suspects and contacts with positives, while the evolutionary ones will be analyzed in order to release the capacity of beds for hospitalization, explained the Public Health official in the province.

    Artiles Pardo assured that the number of isolation centers was increased to quarantine suspects and confirmed, taking into account the high number of patients with symptoms.

    In Ciego de Ávila there is a high presence of the South African strain, which was detected in October 2020 and carries a higher risk and lethality, according to the website Reacción Médica.

    So far in the province there are more than 300 active focus controls (with less than 10 diagnosed cases) and the total number of patients in serious or critical condition has increased, as well as the mortality rate.

    Since the first cases of coronavirus were detected in Ciego de Ávila, the accumulated total amounts to 5,695 patients, with a significant increase in the last month throughout the province and a marked prevalence in the provincial capital and Morón.

    This Sunday a new record of positive cases was reported for a single day, with 242 diagnosed patients, and the forecasts of Cuban experts assure that Ciego de Ávila has not yet reached its maximum peak of infections.

    CiberCuba has told the testimony of some citizens who were quarantined in state institutions to avoid infecting other people.

    The published information assures that there is a lack of hygiene in bathrooms and bedrooms, a shortage of food, and a deficit in the medical attention that they should receive depending on the symptoms that patients manifest.

    When CiberCuba tried to obtain the official version of the complaints that arrived at its writing, the health authorities of Ciego de Ávila have refused to answer our questions.

    To prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Ciego de Ávila, the local authorities decided to limit the mobility of people throughout the territory, except for humanitarian reasons, therefore the entry and exit of vehicles, as well as the movement of natural persons, are prohibited. outside the permitted hours.

    This is the second time that Naval personnel reinforces another hospital, as happened during the La Covadonga crisis when the director and a deputy director were dismissed due to deficiencies reported by patients and doctors from the Therapy unit in the middle of the first outbreak of coronavirus.

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