October 20, 2021 9:22 am
    Uruguayan Mother Describes The Cuban Health System

    Uruguayan Mother Describes The Cuban Health System As A Paradise After Paying For Her Daughter’s Treatment At Ciren

    The Uruguayan Cecilia Nazzari, the mother of the girl Aurora Sosa, stars in one of the most heated controversies of the networks after campaigning in favor of the Cuban government in “gratitude” for the health services that the country has provided to her daughter for a long time. few days.

    The 6-year-old Aurora Sosa suffers from a rare condition that makes mobility difficult for her, which is why her mother arranged medical treatment at the International Center for Neurological Restoration (CIREN) in Havana.

    Internet users accused the president of instrumentalizing the Aurora case too, once again, make propaganda in favor of a government that not only traffics with its health system to cover up human rights violations but also disguises the crisis of the Cuban biopharmaceutical industry and the deterioration of the health infrastructure, behind the slogan of free,

    Not only Díaz-Canel has referred to the case of little Aurora as a success of the Cuban health system, and with it of his government, but Nazzari herself, mother of the minor, who has used her platform on social networks to praise the treatment offered by the institution, without a critical attitude towards the privilege that her daughter receives in contrast to Cuban children in a similar situation, who do not access drugs or treatments so easily.

    “For those who ask: yes, the food in Cuba is delicious. Here I show you two dishes that are quite common. Pd: the mangoes, papayas and peach nectar from Havana are a real delicacy, ”the Uruguayan woman said in a tweet along with two photos where you can see a plate of congrí with minced meat, a cup of what looks like bean soup, a roasted chicken breast accompanied by a portion of rice, food, and peas on top.

    The tweet was deleted by the woman after the reactions it provoked in Cuban Internet users, many residents in Cuba, where access to food becomes increasingly daunting and the queues to reach protein foods begin at dawn and extend throughout the day, in full sun or in the rain.

    In another tweet, Nazzari accuses those who demand a realistic vision of Cuban society, without manipulation or bias, of being “the right wing” of the island, and equates them to conservative ideological tendencies from the rest of the world.

    “A person threatened me saying ‘don’t think that we are going to allow them to show a false image of my country. That is the right in any part of the world, threatening and preventing the other from expressing himself. Everything I tell about Cuba is what we are experiencing, you can see that it hurts,

    However, several Cubans described the situation they were also going through with sick minors, who, unlike Aurora, cannot access an elite center, expensive and reserved exclusively for international patients.

    “As you are looking for quality of life for your Aurora, see if you can solve glycemic test strips and syringes for my Alejandro … who is 6 years old, is diabetic, and does not have one. Well, here a Cuban citizen speaks to you of those who heroically resists, “commented a user identified as Willy López.

    Another Internet user congratulated him on having chosen Cuba as the destination to care for his daughter, but reminded him that CIREN is a center that the common population cannot access, not even collecting enough money.

    Many other Cubans asked him to look beyond his privileges, and not turn his face to the situation suffered by a town where “people kill themselves for a piece of chicken (…) where those who think differently are repressed and harass the entrepreneur ”.

    In an article in the official newspaper  Juventud Rebelde, the Uruguayan mother thanked CIREN workers for their constant concern for her well-being and that of Aurora and offered details about the treatment she receives without even leaving the hospital.

    “From buying a phone line to be able to communicate to giving Aurora games to entertain herself. There is no doubt, Cuba is love and solidarity ”, he assured.

    However, according to reports from the Russian agency Sputnik, Nazzari had to raise more than $ 30,000 through donations on web platforms to get enough money to allow him to travel to the island and pay for the treatment.

    Although the CIREN web portal does not specify the cost of its services, it does have a section (practically dysfunctional) for the budgets of each treatment. 

    However, CiberCuba agreed to the center’s rates and found, for example, that a simple clinical evaluation of the patient has a cost of 3,556.00 CUC, although the monetary equivalent for the convertible peso is unknown, which recently stopped circulating.

    The average amount of treatment in the center, for its part, is around 7,130.00 CUC per week. The stay of companions, 44 CUC daily, to be able to share a room with the patient (the presence of companions is a mandatory requirement of the establishment). The daily food, according to the document, costs approximately 12 CUC per person.

    But, the same CIREN that cares for the Uruguayan Aurora, an elite health entity on the island, would have denied the entry of the Cienfuegos girl Samara in April of this year, according to her parents denounced on social networks in a desperate act to process a visa humanitarian for the minor, who suffers a type of epilepsy apparently without effective treatment in Cuba.

    “At 9:00 am we got there, to that clinic [CIREN] and they connected the girl for a test that can only be done there because it is the only hospital in Cuba that has this equipment. At 4:00 pm they disconnected us the girl because Dr. Lili said that she could not stay longer in that clinic because it is an international clinic for foreign children. I told her: ‘My girl is Cuban. We are in Cuba, we have to do the test,’ “said her then father, Ángel Lleo. 

    Despite the fact that the Cuban government exports the image of quality and fully accessible health system, the country has suffered in the last year not only the incidence of the Covid-19 pandemic but several outbreaks of scabies that have severely affected pediatric patients.

    There are several reports that every week appear circulating on social networks, where desperate parents beg for donations of permethrin, a drug for the treatment of the disease commonly called scabies.

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