November 28, 2021 6:13 am
    What Is Tooth Sensitivity And What Ways Are There To Deal With It?

    What Is Tooth Sensitivity And What Ways Are There To Deal With It?

    Dental Sensitivity is acute or intense pain, of short duration, which is caused by the exposure of the dentin and occurs when there is a thermal stimulus, such as the consumption of hot or cold drinks, chemicals, such as the consumption of acidic foods or sweet, or physical as is the touch on the sensitive tooth, and this pain cannot be attributed to any other pathology.

    Before continuing, it is important to mention what dentin is and why its exposure can cause tooth sensitivity. Dentin is a layer of the tooth formed by a hard tissue of the human body and covered by enamel, it protects the dental pulp that contains the nerve endings, Dentin also contains numerous dentin tubules, which bring the surface of the enamel into contact with the interior of the pulp, especially with the dental nerves, causing that acute pain before a stimulus.

    Sensitive dentin exposure can occur for 2 reasons:

    Gingival recession or receding gums

    It is the displacement of the gum line from where it should be, exposing the dentin and even the root of the tooth. This recession can be generated by very strong brushing or hard bristle brushes, by periodontal diseases that damage tissues, even by poorly performed orthodontic treatments.

    Wear or loss of tooth enamel

    This is another cause of dentin exposure and may be associated with different causes that may be related to each other, such as the consumption of an acidic diet, patients suffering from gastric reflux or bulimia, an incorrect brushing technique, the use of Abrasive kinds of toothpaste, habitual teeth grinding (bruxism) and clenching, which can occur when exercising or during times of stress.

    • What is tooth sensitivity and what ways are there to deal with it?

    Although sensitivity is a very common condition in the general population, only the dentist is the one who can correctly diagnose it and rule out any other pathology. Once diagnosed, the professional will indicate the specific treatment to follow, both in the office and at home.

    For home treatment, there are toothpaste options that address the sensitivity. An ideal option to offer immediate and prolonged relief is the Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief toothpaste, which has the consecrated Pro Argin Technology, which is a combination of 8% Calcium Carbonate + Arginine, which instantly obliterates the dentin tubules, relieving the sensitivity in just 60 seconds.

    To achieve this immediate and prolonged relief, it is recommended a topical application or massage on the sensitive tooth with Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief cream for 60 seconds, and then maintain this obliteration of the tubules for a long time with the use of toothpaste for at least twice a day.

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